Mindfulness at Home | Products I Use Every Day

Thank you, Aera, for partnering with me on this post.

I always say the best kind of medicine is self-medicine. Prioritizing time at home to just be with yourself — thinking, writing, stretching, meditating, praying, running — indulging in 30-minutes of whatever your kind of me time is.

Sometimes it’s easier to carve out that time by creating the space for it in your home. So, I wanted to share mindfulness products I currently use each day that encourage calmness.

First — this Aera Home Diffuser. I shared it on Instagram too, and have loved this smart diffuser for its ease. A calming scent immediately takes me to a relaxing place, and shifts my mindset. Bring the spa to my home office? Yes, please!

You can set Aera’s strength based off how large a room is, so you’re not overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the smell (a dream!!) Plus, you can control it manually or with an app, and it lasts for up to 800 (!!!) hours. The scent I’m using here is Forest Therapy, which is calming and subtle with essential oils including: Pink Pepper, Cyrpus and Ho Wood. It was inspired by the Japanese art of forest bathing. The scents are all hypoallergenic, so it’s extra safe for kiddos and pets, which is extra important to me.

Varying scents are ideal for different moments throughout the day. I often use Revive in the morning, before the chaos of work + mom life start. The hint of grapefruit is energizing and gets my day going! As for nighttime, I love Deep Relax — it’s especially calming before bed and helps me to fall asleep.

Use code LAUREN20 for 20% off diffusers through 3/31.

Keep scrolling for some of my other mindfulness favorites…

  1. 1. Aera Diffuser / a total mindset shift
  2. 2. Moon Juice SuperYou / $49 honestly the best for feeling 100% each day
  3. 3. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray / $29 love spraying this on my pillow each night
  4. 4. BKR Bottle / $28 my sustainable reminder to drink water all day
  5. 5. Yoga Mat / $29.99 keep this out for daily stretching and at-home yoga practices
  6. 6. Theragun / it’s a splurge, but a really worthy investment for your muscles. It has significantly helped my body from travel and computer work.
  7. 7. Crystal Set / $32 promotes peaceful surroundings
  8. 8. Headspace App / my favorite meditation app

Photos by Cibelle Levi