It’s a Lifestyle | Why I Don’t Diet, Cleanse, or Fast

By far, some of the most common messages I get from this beautiful community are centered around my health + workouts + food choices. I always want to respond with something meaningful and useful, but I struggle with keeping up with your notes. SO, I thought this post, (and this one and this one) would be helpful to have on hand. Also, know that I share workouts + wellness hacks in my “Wellness” highlight on Instagram.

Health is such a personal journey, and one that means something different to each of us. Regardless, I think we’re all united in this desire to be the strongest versions of ourselves. We all want to feel good in our own skin, and I’m a believer that our food and workout choices impact everything around us (how we feel when we wake up, how effective we are at work, how much energy we have for our families, how often we’re stressed or sick, the list goes on)…


Here are a few steps that have worked for me while aiming to prioritize my health. Because above all, it’s about making your choices part of your day-to-day lifestyle, so they don’t feel like choices at all after a while…

SWEAR OFF DIETS, CLEANSES + FASTS | This is a big one for me. I don’t diet, or cleanse, or fast for days. It makes me feel physically sick and really weak, and it’s not a sustainable (or practical) option long-term. Instead, I found a nutritionist I adore — Kelly LeVeque, who you can follow on IG — and I stick to her plan. There’s no dieting involved. Instead, it’s all about upping healthy fats and cutting back on sugars and carbs. I’d say I follow her general guidelines about 85-percent of the time, while allowing room for parties, wine night (because #MOMLIFE), and my favorite pancakes at our neighborhood deli. You can see my food diaries here + here + here.

UP YOUR GREENS | I know, I know, greens are just not as good as alllll the fruits. BUT, you’ll notice a difference in your overall energy levels when you start upping your greens. Try adding more spinach into your smoothies and skipping the extra bananas in there. It cuts sugar way back, and makes you feel more energized versus sleepy post-meal. Greens are also full of vitamins that keep you from retaining water and feeling bloated (win-win).

SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS | The toughest part about working out is actually getting yourself to the workout, am I right?! Once I’m in my zone, it feels great… but admittedly, I don’t always love the process of starting. Plus, I know finding time is hard. For me, between parenting and working and trying to just chill sometimes, it’s not always top of mind to get to the gym. Scheduling my workouts like I do a meeting helps tremendously. It’s in my calendar like anything else I wouldn’t skip out on. Even if it’s from home — I write in my running time from the house, a yoga class, or even just meditation time. If I don’t make it a priority it doesn’t become one, so this is HUGE.

STRETCH IT OUT | Health hack: stretch, stretch, stretch — from anywhere. I usually try to stretch for 5-10 minutes morning and night. A yoga class is also super helpful, but on days or weeks I don’t make it to yoga, I stretch solo from home. It always makes me feel more energized, and a lot more comfortable in my body overall. Plus, a little yoga can stretch your abdominal muscles, which can also improve your digestive system. So. Many. Wins.

DO IT WITH A PARTNER | Anything in life can feel a little harder alone. Find a partner and become stronger together. I think this is especially true when you live with someone — whether it’s your BFF, your roommate, your partner or your spouse. Commit to new habits together, so it feels like less of a chore and more of a lifestyle.

FIND JOY | No really – laugh! A good belly laugh feeds your soul AND is a great ab workout.


Photos by Cibelle Levi