Welcome to 2014: Let’s Keep Celebrating

Happy 2014! I hope you enjoyed your New Years celebrations. You’ve had a day to rest. Now, it’s time to get serious.

Okay, maybe not too serious. After all, it’s nearly Friday. Which brings me to my first point about the new year— celebration! The glitz and glam of New Years Eve may be over, but it’s important we continue to cheer our way through 2014. Too often, we forget to celebrate life unless someone is throwing a party. Make it a point to keep celebrating.

Don’t wait for the cocktails and noisemakers to get excited.

Each day— even if it’s your worst kind of day— pick something to celebrate. I’m talking about an empty parking space, a hot cup of coffee or a surprise gift. Celebrate a friend’s love, a child’s laughter, a big sports win or a series of green lights. Don’t wait for the cocktails and noisemakers to get excited.

A celebration doesn’t require big crowds or loud music or free drinks (though, I’ll never turn down a celebratory cocktail). Rather, a celebration can be as simple as an over-the-top squeal, a self pep talk or a jump-in-place kind of moment. It’s all about recognizing and reflecting on something positive. Strive to uplift yourself and the world around you daily.

Welcome to a new year, my friends. I’m excited to share it with you.