Use Your Damn China

Photo by Annie Shak

Right now, I have precisely 62 pieces of overpriced china sitting in a glass cabinet.

Once, my husband used one of those beautifully stacked plates for a Tuesday night dinner of canned chili. Canned chili on our overpriced china. I [calmly, of course] said our china is not for canned chili.

Fast forward to a recent run-in with the woman who helped us register for all of this fancy hardware. She asked if we had been using our china. I responded, “Not often. There are only so many fancy days.”

To which, she quite boldly said, “Use your DAMN china! Use it tonight. Use it this weekend. Use it six months from now. Too often, my clients save it for the ‘right’ moment. A decade will pass. And when that fancy party finally arrives, they’re too scared to place a finger on a plate. It’s too late.”

Cue aha! life moment.

We’re all scared. Scared of using our china. Of beginning a new job. Of leaving a relationship or solidifying an old one. We wait. We convince ourselves our ‘perfect’ moment will come. And only then, will we use our china.

Why let it sit there unused? Why let your talents, so beautifully yours, sit there unnoticed? Why wait when you can begin? Why stall when you can progress?

Just like that damn china, use yourself. Start whatever it is you want to start. Because the longer you wait, the more fearful you’re becoming.