The Next Time You’re Running…

I adore those moments when I unexpectedly come across something that inspires me. Hence, the photo below— a bench engraved with the words, “Celebrate Every Day.” A simple, yet important reminder I spotted while spending some time in Newport Beach.

Sometimes, I find myself running from one thing to the next— from work, to errands, to family dinners, etc.— when I don’t really need to be in such a rush. Sure, we’re all up against deadlines, but sprinting to my car like a five-year-old is not giving me that much more time.


Perhaps the feeling of being “rushed” is more of a comfort than anything else. I associate being busy with productivity. That’s not a great attribute. Plus, I’m convinced my constant running leads to more breakdowns— that can only be solved with several pints of ice cream.

I used to laugh at people who encouraged me to take deep breaths, smell the roses, that sort of thing. I’d say, “Who has the time?!” Well, none of us and all of us.

Meaning, we’re all crazy busy living life. But that doesn’t mean we’re incapable of slowing down. Take a few minutes each day to just look around. You can people-watch at the grocery store. Doze off in your backyard. Or stare down strangers ng lot. Whatever works for ya. Pause. Observe. Move on. You’ll begin noticing things like that small bench. Plus, you’ll eat a lot less ice cream.