Spring Forward by Reflecting Back

Photo by Annie Shak

LA’s Focus Magazine asked me to write a springtime piece on navigating new beginnings this season. This is — in part — what will be featured in the May issue.

Spring is nature’s way of reassuring us it’s okay to begin again. There’s something about fresh blooms and new life that prompts our surroundings to change.

To spring forward, we must be willing to reflect back on the people, places and things that impacted us over the past year. Who challenged you? What devastated you? When and why? A willingness to answer those questions pushes us to preserve what’s positive and to dispose of the rest.


Spring cleaning should span from our closets, to our confidantes, to our recurring habits. Toss what you haven’t used in the past year, making room for spring staples like white denim, floral prints, fringe and retro sunnies.

More importantly, make room for positivity. You deserve to feel pushed, motivated, reassured and safe. You deserve to be lifted, empowered, encouraged and understood. Don’t spend energy on those who make you feel incapable or unworthy. Instead, refocus your time on those who awaken your mind and encourage self-love. Surround yourself with dreamers and doers — and be both yourself.


Creating such change in your personal life only works when you do the same in your professional life [a lesson learned during my quarter-life].

If you’re unhappy at work, you’re probably unhappy at home. Good news is — you can make a change. I don’t mean quit your job. Instead, change begins by having an honest discussion with your boss, developing a goals list + starting a savings account for the career you really want.

Love who you are and the life you’re creating. Embrace spring’s ability to prompt new beginnings. And take an honest look at who or what has been weighing you down.

Because you can only spring forward by reflecting back.

Top: Planet Blue // Denim: AG // Sunnies: Barton Perreira [affordable options herehere]

Photos by Annie Shak