Silent Superheroes: Happy Mother’s Day

Photo by Annie Shak

Mothers are silent superheroes.

I say silent because they have this special ability to quietly change a child’s world in seconds. Mothers build dreams, squash fears, and fulfill hearts — all while scrubbing spit-up, tackling tantrums and handling homework. Even on a child’s worst days, mother’s create clarity and calmness.

My mom [mama, as I call her], is still scrubbing spit-up + tackling tantrums. Not because I’m stomping my toes in my mid-twenties. But because I still need her to help clean up my messes and calm my nerves. I still need her to hug me through the phone on days someone destroys my confidence. And I still need her to reassure me God’s plan is better than my own.

Even as a married, working, all-grown-up woman — I still need my mom. 

People say we look alike, talk alike and use the same foul language [geeze Louise + holy moly, among others]. But mostly, I’d like to think we love alike.

My mama taught me how to love fully, infinitely and unapologetically. She taught me how to love warmly, quietly and boldly. And perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to love like a mother before becoming one myself. As she says…

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. Choose to love others like a mother loves her child, and you’ll forever be fulfilled.”

Happy Mother’s Day, to mamas everywhere. Thank you for being our silent superheroes.

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