Resolutions Ritual: Get What You Want

Let’s be honest: resolutions don’t always turn into realities.

My new year’s goals list can feel pretty ambitious come January 2nd… (who wants to actually start juicing kale the day after you’ve downed champagne)?! We could all use help.

I worked alongside Energy Muse again on the power of incorporating crystals into an otherwise-repetitive routine. Set your 2017 intentions with clear quartz — the stone of manifestation. It’s believed quartz can be programmed to hold an intention, and that it will put that intention into the universe even you’re not thinking about it.

This isn’t a magical solution to getting everything we want. But it goes back to what I believe is true: set a goal, envision that goal, and take specific steps to reach it.

PS. don’t be afraid to change your path… sometimes, resolutions turn into unexpected realities far better than we could have anticipated.

The girls at Energy Muse say to hold your quartz in your left hand, which is our ‘receiving’ hand | Close your eyes and set your intention for 2017 out loud | Say your resolution in the present tense, as though it’s already happening

Write down your resolutions with a clear mindset, letting go of past doubts + fears | Keep this list in a journal you can reference everyday in the new year

Keep your crystal and/or your clarity bracelet (a bracelet made of clear quartz!) with you for the next 40 days | Repeat the steps above each day while continuing to manifest what you want | The first 40 days of anything are the most difficult, but this is how we can best re-program our brains to create new habits and go after what we want

Clarity Bracelet | Clear Quartz

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Photos by Annie Shak | In collaboration with Energy Muse