Remain Present in Your Pursuit of Happiness

A common goal is shared among all of us: to feel accomplished, loved, joyful and present each day. Whether you’re a dreamer, a realist or a rare combination of both, the quest for happiness can often feel like an ongoing endeavor. Even after accomplishing one dream, we rush to the next one on our list. For several months now, I’ve been doing a lot of “searching” in an effort to determine how exactly I can achieve my goals. In that pursuit, however, it’s quite easy to lose sight of the present. In my latest writeup for The Chalkboard Mag, I detail what I’ve learned from my own experiences on how to remain present in your pursuit of happiness. Read the article here. There’s even some advice for mothers out there, as learned through my role of “Auntie Lulu.” Enjoy, friends… and happy weekend!

Life is a series of mostly ‘boring’ moments. Happiness lies within those moments, rather than merely around them.