Our Dreams Deserve This

Happy Monday. Have you spiked your coffee yet? [I won’t tell your boss].

Spiked or not, Mondays can really drag if you’re feeling uninspired. I was having one of those Mondays a few weeks ago. Nothing felt particularly new, or motivating, or enlightening. I feared my routine was clouding my creativity; my norms were dragging my dreams.

I think a lack of inspiration comes from a lack of time. I’ll go from home to work, work to home, errands to workouts, workouts to parties. There’s not enough time to dream outside of my to-do list.

I know life will keep getting busier. My career will grow, my family will grow, my list will grow. So maybe it’s less about finding the time, and more about creating it. Creating time to feel new, enlightened and motivated. To feel inspired, improved and uplifted. Our dreams deserve that much of us.

Sometimes, the only realists are the dreamers.” – Paul Wellstone

Create the time. Give yourself a pep talk every morning. Manifest while driving into work. Spend your lunch break alone. Travel somewhere that quiets your anxiety. Write down whatever it is you want. Pray on it. Take a personal day off from work. Have a date night with your best friend.

All of this will help you feel re-inspired. Take that, Monday.

Photo by Annie Shak