No Instagram Filter for #Reality?

Photo by Erik Shute

Perhaps, some would refer to me as a photoholic. I love capturing every sweet moment in life. Inevitably, I share some of those great moments with my friends, family and followers through social media. Of course, I choose the photo with the best angle, the happiest smile and the right lighting. It’s all about the lighting.


I’m incredibly proud of my husband, my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my friends, etc. I rarely hesitate to post a lovely picture or story to social space. But, I’ll remind you, no amount of photos can accurately depict reality. Life doesn’t look like a holiday card. For the sake of our sanity, it’s important to remember that.

For every photo taken at a fancy event, I can assure you there’s an equally unglamorous moment that preceded it. Guaranteed, I’ll never post photos of me with zit cream on. I’ll never show you my puffy eyes when I roll out of bed in the morning. And I’ll never brag about what I look like after hot yoga (to be honest, I’ve only done hot yoga once, and I don’t dare try it again).

My point is— life is life. Behind every couple’s engagement photos, there’s a story of heartache somewhere in their journey. Behind every smiling baby, there’s surely a dirty diaper. Behind every family photo, there are private struggles. And behind every gorgeous selfie, there’s an app that boosted the lips and highlighted the eyes. Remember, it’s all about the lighting.

It’s okay to keep sharing your happiest and most beautiful moments. In fact, I encourage you to. Life should be celebrated and shared. But, when scouring through dozens of friends’ photos, remember those genuine moments of happiness, those share-worthy laughs caught on camera… are merely a glimpse into someone’s reality.