My Office Doesn’t Serve Mimosas

It’s Monday. Remember— it’s your “should-be-favorite day.” I’ll admit, there are some Mondays when I want to crawl back under the covers and wake up again to Saturday mimosas. Unfortunately, my office doesn’t serve champagne.

So, I settle for coffee and a pep talk. Essentially, that pep talk consists of talking to myself in the car. It lasts a good 20 minutes— or more, depending on L.A. traffic. Other drivers think I’m a lunatic. If only they knew how to boost their own egos like I do.

Of course, I convince myself Monday is going to be a great day. Work? Thank goodness I have a job! My outfit? These heels are so chic. My workout? Obviously, I’m going to exercise everyday this week. Dinner? Maybe I’ll attempt to cook tonight (then I proceed to think of any meal I could make without poisoning my husband).

I throw in a few extravagant hand gestures and some obnoxious laughs to really hype things up. By the time I arrive at my desk, I am ready to run the world. In those heels, of course.

By noon, I want the mimosa agin.

Perhaps another cup of coffee is a better idea. That, and a quick look at this viral video. This little girl is the queen of pep talks. Seriously, if only we all had such a zest for life! Enjoy, and happy Monday my friends. ∗