Mind Ready Monday: Twirl into Today

Photo by Annie Shak

The next job. The next house. The next vacation. I consume myself with whatever’s coming next in life.

I think most of us are groomed to worry about tomorrow, and the next day… and the next 10 years.

Pinterest recently provided me with a little sanity. Well, it was Emily Dickinson… via Pinterest. A few famous words of hers appeared on my screen reading, “forever is composed of nows.”

Tomorrow is now. The next day is now. Forever is now.

I’m celebrating today’s nows twirling in my favorite feminine looks…








Skirt: Chloe (look for LESS here) // Top: Alaia (similar looks here & here) // Shoes: Prada (similar looks here & here) // Dress: Isabel Marant (similar looks here & here) // Cuffs: Martine Ali & Anita Ko

Photos by Annie Shak // Hair: Angelo Evans // Makeup: Mark Payne