Mind Ready Monday: Secret to Success

I’m currently curled up in my hometown of Holland, Michigan. It sits right on the lake in the most magical way. I’m convinced God spent a little more time here.

This trip comes off my weekend in Chicago with the Simply Stylist team. I was incredibly inspired to see so many of you go after what you want in life. It takes guts and passion and fearlessness.

The most-asked question at the conference was, “What’s the secret?” To success, security, to getting what you want. We all want the secret, and we all want it now.

I’ve asked the best bloggers, the best agents, the best managers, the best everything how to get there. The truth? That secret lives within me and my own willingness to create the career I want.

No magic potion, no money, no masterful plan will earn us success. Instead, it’s about waking up, day after day, and giving 110-percent. It’s about doing work others aren’t willing to do. It’s about sacrificing your time, your energy, your money to build the life you ultimately want. And it’s about creating your own plan A, B + C — something that has both challenged and frustrated me over the last several months as I navigate my way through a new career path. 

Believe in what you want with such conviction, even the worst critics can’t convince you to reconsider your dreams.”

This is your life. Right now. This moment. Today. Quit blaming a bad boss, a terrible breakup, or a pile of student loans for living a life you’re unhappy with. Rather, turn that energy into fuel for developing change. The secret to success lies within you.




Top: Surf Gypsy | Skirt: Nightcap

Photos by Katie Grossbard 

  • Such a gorgeous post Lauren — it’s so true that our success is firmly rooted in our willingness to craft the life we want to lead. Beautiful and inspiring! So sad we didn’t have much of a chance to catch up this weekend though

    Sed Bona

    • Thanks, beauty! Glad you connected with this one. And I KNOW – I was bummed we didn’t get much time to really catch up. The day is always so hectic for all of us! I need more time in Chi 😉 Big hug.

  • Mlle Coconath

    Such a cute dress! Beautiful pictures!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Diana Curtis

    Hi Lauren! So glad to see you’re in Holland! My name is Diana Curtis and I graduated from West Ottawa last year. I was on the committee with Lindsay Trameri that selected you to be our commencement speaker and dined at Butch’s! We’ve been following your blog since then, and actually started our own during college ( and I’ve just been meaning to say hello and I thought your pictures of the Midwest coast was a good opportunity 🙂 Loving your blog and hoping everything is well!

    • Hi Diana! I’m so happy you reached out. Congrats on starting your own blogs — you should feel so proud (that’s tons of work while keeping up with college)! I adore our hometown and I’m so happy to be blogging from here this week. Never be shy about sending me a note if you ever want to talk blogging (or life in general) 😉 Hope you’re doing well, thanks for saying hi!

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