Mind Ready Monday: Refocus Your Outlook

Sometimes, I’m guilty of spinning positivity into negativity. I’m sure you are, too.

Here’s an example: you’re preparing for a vacation. But as it approaches, you complain there are too many errands to run, too many emails to prepare, too much laundry to do… the list goes on. Soon, your vacation prep spins you into a total breakdown [#cuethecrazy].

Another example: you get promoted. Happy dance! But then, reality sets in and the new job is tough. When others ask you how it’s going, you react with… “Great, but… [cue the list of things you dislike].”

Maybe it’s in our human DNA to complain. That must be why God created happy hour.

Seriously, though— negativity packs a lot of power. The more time we spend burying ourselves in the drama, the tougher it is to dig ourselves out. Keep the positive positive.  

Of course, we all need to vent. Save those conversations for a few of your closest confidantes— people who will sympathize with you, yet push you to refocus your outlook.

Also, a glass of champagne and a good cry in the closet might will help.