Mind Ready Monday: Reflecting from the Mediterranean

Photo by Jake Ireland

Happy Monday, my friends. I’m writing to you from the Mediterranean today. The air is calm, the people are kind and I may never leave.

This trip follows New York Fashion Week, where I scanned the runways for unexpected wedding looks. Here’s a look at the article I wrote for Harper’s Bazzaar. I’ve still got more photos and outfits to share with you from Fashion Week, but for now, here’s what’s getting me Mind Ready Monday

I’m in total relaxation mode— a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Often times, I develop such a high from going, going, going that I become scared to slow down for fear of losing momentum. My dreams list has become so long, I’m terrified of falling behind. Anyone else with me on this?

As a result, I intentionally pencil in some solitude time each month. Sometimes, it’s a trip like this one, thousands of miles from home. But most of the time, it’s merely an afternoon in my backyard with a book and a glass of wine. It’s my way of recharging. It boosts creativity and encourages reflection.

Pause and reflect, wherever you may be. What’s even more terrifying than slowing down is creating a life you’re unhappy with, because you never paused long enough to determine what it is you really want. P.S. Here are a few snapshots from my trip on the Mediterranean…








Photos by Jake Ireland and Pete Macomber