Mind Ready Monday: Quit Judging Yourself

Photo by Sandra Gores

Happy dances and sobfests— that’s how I’d sum up the quarter-life.

There are days us quarter-lifers are running the world with job promotions, innovative ideas and killer hashtag #skillz. Other days, we’re sulking over bad breakups, boring jobs and irrational breakdowns.

Maybe it’s because we’re making too many checklists. Or maybe it’s because we’re judging ourselves too often over what we thought we’d have by this age.

There are parts of my life far exceeding anything I could have dreamed as a kid. And there are parts I’m still disappointed over, because I once envisioned something different (like being Oprah by now, obviously).

We spend a lot of time talking about the boxes we want to check off, but not enough time dreaming outside of them.

It’s not just me, or you, or our friends who struggle with this. It’s also our parents, our coaches and our colleagues. Which is a shame, because life really happens in between those silly boxes.

Toss the list, quit judging yourself and go after a life that a checkmark could never do justice.