Mind Ready Monday: Don’t Be Too Busy

Photo by Annie Shak

I often find myself too busy. Too busy for a coffee date. Too busy for a doctor’s checkup. Too busy to tuck my niece in at night.

There’s nothing admirable about being too busy. I don’t want to spend my life feeling like I never have enough time. That’s exhausting.

Anyone with me on this? I think part of the problem is we’re all groomed to think busy is good. Even kids are praised for playing three sports and leading the school musical and working on student council.

Those expectations follow us into adulthood. Admittedly, I’m always looking to do more. More at work. More at home. More for others.

There was a point last year when my list had gotten too long. I was trying to write a children’s book, while expanding this site, while continuing to broadcast every day. That, while moving into a new home with my newlywed husband in a relatively new city.

I found myself struggling to excel at any area of my life. Sure, everything was moving forward. But none of it was really standing out.

Cue my aha! moment. I was sitting in my backyard, with my long list of life dreams. Writing books. Hosting shows. Creating a family. I thought to myself— I can have all of this. I will do all of this. But I can’t make it happen all at once.

And so, I’m working on becoming more comfortable with a shorter to-do list. I’m becoming more confident with fewer work projects. And I’m becoming more aware of my time.

… Because I can’t be too busy to accomplish that long list of dreams.