Mind Ready Monday: Pause, be Happy

Simone and Martin Photography

Most of the time, the Internet drains me. Too many websites, too much information and too little of it that’s impactful. I spend time browsing useless BuzzFeed articles, like How Obsessed with Pizza are You?”  I actually took the quiz.

Somewhere in between daydreaming about pizza and scrolling through Instagram, the Internet Gods must have known I needed an inspirational boost because I stumbled across my favorite quote, by Guillaume Apollinaire…

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

It seems we’re often “chasing” after happiness, assuming we’ll find it through a new job, a better relationship or a slimmer figure. The truth is, we’ll always be searching for something. So, regardless of what you’re after, pause and be happy with the process.