Mind Ready Monday: Park Your Problems

Photo by Annie Shak

I’m coming off a busy weekend. A flight, a wedding + a family holiday — all spent in my husband’s hometown. Fortunately, the midwest always greets me with a hug [and a hearty casserole] to ease the jet lag. Maybe the open bar helped, too.

Open bar aside, traveling pushes me to park my problems and pause my crazed schedule. I like to think those pauses + parking spots are what keep me sane. Or at least, sane-ish.

It’s those parking jobs that are toughest to maneuver. That’s because I attempt to literally ‘park’ my problems before they can seep into brain traffic and cause major life delays.

I’m learning we all have a lot of the same problems —  with our demanding work schedules, our complicated relationships, and our personal insecurities. Rather than allowing those problems to replicate, park them. Write down the issue, brainstorm solutions… and ultimately, free the space.

Let’s make this a kick-butt week [and remain sane-ish]…