Mind Ready Monday: Life is Long

Simone and Martin Photography

Welcome to part two of Mind Ready Monday: a weekly write up meant to boost your mindset. This week’s mantra doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface. Life is long?! Typically, we can all agree life is short— time is flying, and that terrifies me. For the sake of our sanity, however, let’s look at things from another perspective for a minute: life is long. It’s something my dad has been preaching for years. Quite frankly, the slogan frustrates me, because I’m the type who wants things right now. I blame the Internet for that.

Like you, I have a lot of dreams. Dreams to host television shows. Dreams to launch a business and a charity. Dreams to someday turn this blog into a book. Dreams to start a family. If I’m being honest, I often find myself looking at life like a countdown clock— worried I’ll run out of time to see my dreams become realities. Perhaps it’s all part of navigating the quarter-life. Or maybe we’ve just come to expect rapidity in all parts of our lives the same way we expect it in sending a text message. Why am I not hosting Dancing with the Stars yet?! Probably because Erin Andrews got the job instead.

Inevitably, this outlook doesn’t always promote patience. Instead, it prompts unneeded pressure. Which is why I need to start embracing the real meaning behind life is long.  We’ve got to stop living our lives and making our decisions from a YOLO-state of mind (that means You Only Live Once, for those of you unaware of hip tech acronyms).

Life takes time. Success takes time. Families take time. Dreams take time. Nothing worth working for is built overnight. Be patient. Work hard. Love harder. Expect your plans to change and your dreams to evolve.

It’s a lot easier said than done. But I’m learning my fears of running out of time do nothing but drain me from the present. So let’s work on this one together. Enjoy your life right now, instead of merely wanting everything right now. Life is long if you start living like it.