Mind Ready Monday: Leave an Imperfect Footprint

There are days when I feel like I’m on top of the world. The type of high that convinces me I could take on Mount Everest. I’ll usually settle for a run. Then, there are days when I’d rather curl under a rock at the bottom of Everest, where no one can find me. You know what I’m talking about. The days when the coffee spills, or you miss a deadline. The days when the scale spits out a disappointing number or your kitchen looks like a disaster zone. The days when your job or your dreams or your accomplishments don’t feel good enough. That’s when we want to crawl under that rock.

This is not a quarter-life problem. It’s not confined to any age or time or generation. It’s a life problem, that will follow us for as long as we’re around. We’ve got to deal with it.

I’m no expert at “dealing” with it yet. I’ve got my fair share of days— regardless of what I’ve accomplished— that end with, “I should have done more.”  There’s a part of me that constantly questions whether I’m doing enough to make a lasting footprint, both within my intimate circle of family and friends, and within the greater community. The questioning pushes me to be better, but it also has the power to tear me apart on a less-than-confident kind of day.

On those sort of days— the kind when you’re convinced nothing will get you out of bed— remind yourself you’re worthy, you’re strong, you’re capable and competent. Remind yourself the world needs you moving— always moving. Accept life is unexpected and everything but fair. And perhaps most importantly, give yourself some credit. Even those individuals who have left the most impactful footprints on our world were imperfect. They messed up. They showed up late. They failed at parenting on some days. But they kept moving.

Your footprint doesn’t have to be a superhero’s size. But to leave one at all, you’ve got to keep moving. Besides, it burns more calories than hiding under a rock ever will.