Mind Ready Monday: Laughter Keeps You Sane

Photography by name here.

Mondays often call for a lot of coffee. Blame weekend fun. Blame your to-do list. Blame your obnoxiously perky coworker. The day can be downright rude, even if your job rocks. A little sanity goes a long way on Monday mornings. We need something— anything— to keep us from throwing computers out of high-rise buildings (a girl can dream, right?). Which brings me to the idea of Mind Ready Monday: a weekly write-up on what’s keeping me sane.

This week’s wonder: belly laughs. It sounds silly and unoriginal. But I tend to get so wrapped up in work, errands and quarter-life meltdowns come Monday morning, I often brush off the need for ab-building laughter. A weekend visit from a few close friends reminded me of its value.

As I imagined, we were in bed before midnight and could barely handle a glass of wine. You should have seen the disaster when we attempted to throw back a shot. We snacked on quinoa during the day, and devoured calorie-less gelato tubs at night. Plans to prepare a home-cooked feast turned into placing a large pizza order. Our talks were so personal and inappropriate we’d make a fortune off a tell-all book. Then, there was the photo-taking. We attempted to snap roughly 54137657 selfies. How does Kim K. do it? Is it the lighting? The practice? The length of her arm? Because our arm length was a big problem.

Bottom line: we laughed. The kind of laughter that fills your soul so high you feel invincibly happy. The kind of laughter that gives you smile lines and a sore stomach. The kind of laughter you cannot plan, prepare for or pass off.

My challenge for you this week is to trade in your workout for a wildly fun laughfest that will work those abs better than any miracle machine you bought on QVC. Laughter thrives on spontaneity, so you can’t necessarily pencil it in. But you can open yourself up to it by shrugging off stress and cynicism that spill over from whatever struggles you’re going through.

Work those abs, baby.