Mind Ready Monday: Imperfect Miracles

I believe in miracles. Even the imperfect kind.

I’ve spent the past few days sprinkling a whole lot of miracle dust everywhere— hoping, praying and pulling for a little one close to my heart.

Heartache is often times unexpected and unfair. It prompts us to question ourselves and our faith.

That’s when we hope for a miracle.

Sometimes, miracles happen just the way we’ve dreamed of. Other times, they happen unexpectedly— through tears, through pain and through loss.

The unexpected miracles are the most powerful. Maybe they’re not what we envisioned. Maybe they’re not what we pleaded for. Maybe they’re not what we asked of God. But imperfect miracles build us. They give us purpose, perspective and protection.

I’ll continue sprinkling miracle dust this week, for those of you everywhere who need a little magic and a lot of faith. Love to you all.