Mind Ready Monday: Gift Your Time

Often times, I’m running too fast. From home to work. From work to errands. From errands to dinner.

I imagine you’re running, too. We’re all running. Life is a lot of work.

But I want us to challenge each other this week. Let’s slow down in the midst of December’s chaos to look around. Look toward your coworkers. Your neighbors. Your family. Look toward your grocer. Your bank teller. Your boss. Look around to see who needs you.

Maybe someone needs your time, your finances or your heart. Maybe someone needs your strength, your smile or your silence. Maybe all they want is to know they’re not alone.

Willingly offer a friend time you don’t really have. Happily greet a stranger even on your worst days. Excitedly warm someone’s heart even when yours is breaking.

Maybe the holidays have already encouraged you to adopt a family, collect necessary goods or round up children’s toys. Let the holidays also remind you to remain aware, so you offer help to even those who don’t necessarily ask for it.

Wishing you the happiest Monday. Now, go look around…

  • Lindsay Bresnahan Ku

    This is so true. I was flying home to Michigan to say goodbye to my mom who was in her last days battling ovarian cancer a few years ago. Despite my anger, tears and sadness during the worst days of my life, I felt so compelled to try and be nice to those around me-tried to muster a smile to the gate agent and flight attendant. In reality, I could have used the smile, but I thought even though I’m falling apart and things are horrible-why should I make someone else’s day bad? It is much easier to try to be nice,and spread some cheer no matter what is going on with you.This time of year is filled with both joy and stress-Might as well spread some joy to those who are stressed.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Lindsay. Spreading happiness makes me happier, too… even on the worst days. Hope you have the best holiday!

  • Nikita

    Love this post! So well written… have a nice week!

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