Mind Ready Monday: Finding Balance

I’m feeling sleepier today than on most Mondays. I think it’s all the dancing [and maybe the dirty martinis] at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.

Over one of those martinis, my grandmother said she missed me. My heart broke. She misses me? 

I’ve been traveling a lot and working longer hours than normal. Hence, why I haven’t been around.

A few martinis later, I was feeling guilty. Guilty for not seeing her. For not making it to my brother’s pool party. For not taking my nieces to breakfast. My stomach started to knot. Where’s my balance?

I confided in my aunt, who gratefully reminded me, balance is bogus

Sometimes, our careers will beg us for more time. Other times, it will be our families. The important part is to remain aware of when and where to focus our energy. Work inevitably comes home with us, and home occasionally spills into the office. Forgive yourself and remain present.

This has been another lesson in my quarter-life:

I can’t have it all at once. But I can have it all in time.

I went back to my grandmother and explained I had been traveling often. The solution? More phone calls and a visit the day after I return from trips.

She even promised to have a martini with me.

Photo by Annie Shak