Mind Ready Monday: Find Your Purpose

Photo by Annie Shak

We all want to find our purpose.

I certainly do. My dreams are big and my hopes are high. My ideas are changing and my heart is growing. And yet, I have no idea if I’m fulfilling whatever purpose I’m meant to fulfill on this earth.

My weekend was spent at the beach, alongside the people who help bring magic to this site. We did a lot of brainstorming, a lot of thinking, a lot of laughing and crying. We just want to find our purpose.

Our notebooks are full of ideas. Our computers are cluttered with digital stickies. Our minds are clouded with a million must-do’s. We made a lot of plans and scheduled a lot of work. But mostly, we decided to make our purpose more about the moment… and less about the dream.

Meaning, this moment matters. Our conversations, our reactions, our decisions. How we respond to strangers, rationalize with our colleagues and rush to our families. The hands we hold, the hearts we mend, the compassion we carry matters. Our purpose is served, day after day, in the moments between the big moments. Through the belly laughs, the house chores and the grocery runs. Through the bear hugs, the happy dances and the heartache. Through loving ourselves and through loving others.

Remember, our purpose isn’t necessarily found in the work we create, the business we produce, or the family we build. Rather, it’s found in our actions, day after day, moment after moment.