Mind Ready Monday: Family and Food Comas

It’s Monday morning. I’m still full from Sunday brunch. Holidays will do that to you. I indulged pre-church. Post-church. Pre-brunch. Post-brunch. The day ended with a midnight cupcake shaped like a bunny. My mom left it on our counter. Really, mom?

Food coma aside, I’m feeling energized today. It could be the sugar. Or maybe it’s the weekend indulgence of family. I’m part of a big brood (think My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding) that can turn any holiday brunch into an all-day affair.

Often times, it takes a holiday for families to get together. There’s a certain pressure we put on ourselves for the food to be perfect, the house to be spotless and the flowers to be fresh. That’s ridiculous. Granted, I did enjoy six meals yesterday, so maybe the food part is important. None of the fluff matters more than the core, though— the people, the laughter, the time.

This week’s Mind Ready Monday challenge is to trade in that fluff for more family time. Don’t wait for the next holiday to spoil yourself with food comas or sibling gossip. Opt for spontaneity instead, and find an excuse to celebrate.

There’s always an excuse to celebrate — you’ve just got to take the pressure off.