Mind Ready Monday: Dream New Dreams

Oh, Monday. You always arrive so soon.

I hope you’re indulging in a second cup of coffee this morning… [+ setting goals for your week].

Ever spend too much time looking at what other successful people are doing, while trying to replicate that kind of a path for yourself? Thanks, Instagram. 

Here’s the truth [as I’ve learned in my quarter-life]: Success can’t be replicated.

Dream a new dream that no one has dreamed before you.

Each success story has its own framework. Its own plans, players and advantages. Its own supporters, scenarios and timing. Meaning, if you really admire someone’s success, look to recreate their discipline more than their journey. Look at the work ethic, the sacrifice, the dedication. Look at the struggles, the strength, the humility. Look at every failure, every fix, every step forward.

Focus less on what others did before you, and more on what you can do right now. It’s a new day. A new week. A new time.

Your success story shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.

Photo by Annie Shak