Talk Bridal To Me

Simone and Martin Photography

Calling all wedding enthusiasts! I’m spilling my secrets this afternoon— wedding secrets, that is. Here’s the deal: there’s a super hip Facebook party happening today, courtesy of the relationship experts over at YourTango and BRIDES. I’ll be answering your questions on all things wedding related beginning at 2pm EST (grooms, you’re invited too). All you’ve got to do is head over to YourTango’s Facebook page and join the conversation by commenting within the post.

Today’s digital hangout is happening  as the BRIDES Live Wedding ® series continues. Three couples are vying for the chance to star in a million dollar, celebrity-style wedding. I’ve loved hosting this project. The best part is— you plan every detail of the wedding, from the gown to the honeymoon. Head here to vote through May 24th. You can catch Episode 4 of this series right now. Spoiler: we invade Target overnight with the help of registry-superstar Brit Morin of Brit + Co.

Again, join me today at 2pm EST on YourTango’s Facebook page to get your questions answered. I strutted down the aisle nearly a year ago, so I know how crazy the planning process is. I’ll give you my take on everything from flowers, to seating charts… to handling your super conservative grandparents.

Talk bridal to me.