Life as a Wife: Valentine’s Date Crawl

Since it’s Valentine’s weekend, it seemed appropriate to go all sappy on you today.

I’m passed the stage when I thought dudes had cooties, so I embrace my hubby’s date night ideas. The best one? A dinner crawl. I’ve written about this before — when Jake surprised me with drinks, appetizers, dinner + dessert — all at different spots. It was the perfect way to see our city in a new way, while experiencing new restaurants.


Buuuut since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, securing that many reservations might be difficult. If so, replicate the idea from HOME. Pick different areas of your house to indulge in cocktails, appetizers, dinner + sweet treats. You don’t need a big space to do this! Create a candlelit corner in your family room; a Moroccan-style set-up in the hallway; a food coma station in the kitchen… and I’ll leave the rest up to you.

You’ll love this. It’s cozy, creative and romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be writing to you from NY next week from Fashion Week…