Let’s Be Real— You Weren’t Ready for Monday

Photo by Addison Neville

It’s the Monday following the Fourth of July… AKA, the worst day back at work, ever. I’m feeling a serious case of sluggishness following my Sunday night breakup with the beach. We really had something special going.

My friends were in town for the weekend. We sipped on margaritas. And I owned every dance floor with my impressive fist-pumping skills. It’s my only move. 

Reality called, and wanted me back in the office. So, here’s how I’m snapping out of my post-holiday slump. Maybe it will work for you, too…

photo (14)

SIP. On coffee, that is. Seriously, have another cup. I’m on my third. There will be at least three more.

EXERCISE. I know the treadmill can be a terrible friend sometimes. It doesn’t cuddle with you, or serve you food… or hold your beer. But it will wake you up. And make you sweat. Plus, it will forgive you for all those fries you ate. So, get your booty to the gym (or, to your backyard),  and exercise your way back to reality.

MOTIVATE. Your mind, mood and body could use a serious boost. Summertime often causes us to veer off the career-track because we’re too busy laying poolside and indulging in ice cream. Life is so good. But, if you’re feeling distant from work, take a few minutes to write down your goals— both professionally and personally.  It will get you excited again about the daily grind.

ENTERTAIN. Plan your next summer party. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy or fussy. It just needs to be fun. I’m not sure who decided holidays and weekends are the only “appropriate” times to have fun. You can turn any ordinary week into celebratory affair. Plus, I give you permission to make my favorite cocktails.

SLEEP.  Yeah, you look rough. Get some rest. Put on a face mask. And sip on a lot of water. It’s detox time, honey.

Photos by Addison Neville.