Juicing Can’t Clean Closets

You’ve probably heard of the cleanse trend. Juicing for a day. A few days. Or, if you’re daring enough, a week. I hope you like kale.

It’s too bad a spinach and apple smoothie won’t clean out my closet. Or my car. Or my underwear drawer. Maybe I need a new juicer.

Which brings me to my next point: we should all be doing a little more life cleansing. Make it a point to forgive. To use better judgement. To wake up happier. To wipe out jealousy. The list goes on. It’s no secret bad relationships and fake friendships ruin lives. Cleanse it all out.

Easier said than done— I know. I’m working on this with you. I have a tendency to roll up negativity and ignore it, like an old t-shirt pushed to the back of my closet. I may not have to face it everyday. But it’s still in my closet. Taking up space. And crowding my stilettos. Some nerve that shirt has.

Of course, throwing out a white tee is simpler than working on a torn relationship. It’s easier to forgive a piece of cheap clothing than someone who has caused you real pain. Prepare yourself to forgive and to move on. Nothing is more toxic than resentment.

Keep cleansing. And if it makes you like kale more—  you’ll be skinnier for it.