How to Change the World

Photo by Annie Shak

I think I figured out how to change the world this weekend. And maybe it’s easier than we all imagine.

I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) trying to figure out my purpose, my plan, my path. There are times I’ll put this overwhelming amount of pressure on myself to [literally] change the world we live in. Maybe I’m a total lunatic for doing this. Or maybe you do it, too, and we’re all crazy.

While having some girl time this weekend with old friends, we chatted a lot over our careers, our relationships, our place in life. Some of us feel behind. Some of us feel ahead. Some of us feel like we’re right where we should be. But all of us, in some way, shared this idea of wanting to know how to leave a lasting footprint. How to be impactful, purposeful, and… world-changing. 

And then, we had our aha! moment. Changing the world doesn’t begin with changing everyone. Rather, it begins with changing yourself. With loving yourself wholly, fully, unconditionally. With supporting yourself when you’re at your best and worst. With cheering yourself on even at times you’re failing.

When you can change your own world, you can begin to change the world of those closest to you. Your parents, your siblings, your closest friends. Call them often. Support them. Remember to change their worlds with kindness and forgiveness.

Change the world of those you pass on the streets today. Happily wave to a stranger. Optimistically greet your coworkers. Kindly speak to your grocer, your bank teller, your barista.

We can all change the world. But first, we have have to change the world within us.