Home is Where the Checklist is

Photo by Jake Ireland

I’m home. It’s comforting, calm and chaotic all at once.

I ventured from Missouri to New York to the Mediterranean for a mix of work and play. I’m now tackling a giant checklist: emails that require responses, laundry that requires labor, meetings that require my time. It makes me feel like I need 10 assistants.

As a girl who likes to be in control, this checklist is not my BFF. Not even a cocktail could make me bond with raging bullet points.

Whenever I’m on the verge of crazy-ville, I remember a line my dad always gives me. He often says, “If everything’s under control, you’re not running fast enough.”

Meaning, a little chaos often creates results. It shows we’re passionate and we’re working ridiculously hard.  It also pushes us to run faster. We all need motivation to change, to dream and to grow— and often times, that motivation is rooted in a lack of control.

I’m doing my best to remember that as I tackle my obnoxiously long checklist. Seriously, where are those 10 assistants?!

Happy Monday, my friends.


Photo by Jake Ireland