Gift Yourself a Box of Happiness

Photo by Annie Shak

Happy Monday. I’m on a plane en route to the Big Apple to brave the end of Fashion Week [brrr].

It’s that time of year when everything feels cold, slow, and quite frankly— frustrating. So, I thought we could all use a mid-winter boost.

Start jotting down one good part of your day before you go to sleep each night. It can be anything— from a fresh pot of coffee, to an open parking space, to that [entire] pizza you indulged in. It happens.

Keep these moments on scrap paper, and store them in a holder you’ve got at home. At the end of each month, read through them. The positivity will make you feel like a new person.

A good friend of mine pushed me to do this when I was going through a period of major self-doubt. What started as an obligatory nighttime routine, turned into a [literal] box of happiness.

Often times, life’s most mundane moments are the same ones that fill us with so much joy.

But they never get documented. Start documenting. It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself.