From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Happy weekend, my friends! Finally, it’s Friday. A days-long migraine temporarily interrupted my happiness this week, so I’m thrilled it’s the weekend.

There’s nothing particularly celebratory about this weekend. Most of you outside Los Angeles are still stuck in snowpocalypse. And unless you’re at the Olympics or New York Fashion Week, it’s not an especially exciting time of year.

Allowing yourself to celebrate often prompts a heightened sense of gratefulness.

Which means, it’s the perfect time to celebrate. The best celebrations happen on the most ordinary days. There’s no pressure. No gifts. No fancy outfits required. Let’s turn an ordinary next few days into an extraordinary weekend.

I’ve made a habit out of celebrating non-celebratory days. It’s something I started post-college, when I realized the “real world” didn’t exactly encourage pizza at midnight or a martini on a Monday. I was genuinely surprised.  Life abruptly felt less festive.

Which has led me to planning (or, not planning) reasons to celebrate. I don’t always bring the hoopla. Sometimes, it’s just me in my pajamas with a glass of wine, toasting to a riveting Lifetime movie. Other times, the party pants go on and I dance the night away. Regardless, the events should evoke happiness. Allowing yourself to celebrate often prompts a heightened sense of gratefulness. You’ll begin noticing your ordinary life is really, quite extraordinary.

How should you celebrate? However you want. Get cozy with your favorite television show. Make a dinner reservation. Dance until you’ve got blisters. Enjoy hot chocolate. Spill a secret with someone you love. Blow up balloons and hang up streamers, even if no one sees them but you.

There’s just one rule: name something you’re celebrating. Out loud. In your mind. Or on paper.

Here’s to turning the ordinary into the extraordinary—  this weekend and beyond.