Dreams and Tan Lines

Photo by Jake Ireland

It’s the end of June. The Fourth of July is next week. And I’m still trying to (naturally or artificially) get a tan. Seriously, though… where did half the year go?

I had a mini-freakout earlier this week after looking back on my New Years resolutions. To be honest, I typically never look back on that mighty list after January 2nd. Now I know why.

There’s still not enough kale in my refrigerator. I have not been doing yoga once a week. Fiji hasn’t met me yet. And I’m still really, really, really bad at directions. Whoever designed LA’s road system is my least favorite person.

After a few minutes spent panicking over my kale intake, my brain shifted to solution-mode.

I started to make a list of this year’s “unexpected” accomplishments: hosting a wedding show for BRIDES magazine. Settling into a home with my husband for the first time. Launching a new blog design and work site. Mastering the art of making a non-soggy grilled cheese.

None of those items were planned. None of them made it on my list back in January. And all of them have led to new endeavors— especially the grilled-cheese one, obviously.

Sometimes, our dreams remain unfinished because new and unexpected dreams sweep in. Embrace the unexpected. And tell your resolutions list that’s why you’ve been a little busy this year.