Covid Relief Letters | Downloadable PDF’s for You

Hi online fam. I am sending you so much light and positivity during this time, and I truly hope you have noticed all kinds of silver linings during such a strange time. I have appreciated every bedtime story with Ev, every home dinner date with Jake, and every morning workout with each of you! 

I wanted to provide something here, for those in your life who may be especially impacted by covid-19. Medical staff, teachers, new mamas or soon-to-be-mamas… the list goes on. I love to write short poems to those I love, and I thought it would be kind to write something special to those who need an extra positive boost right now.

Below you’ll find three letters you can download, and print from home, to send to varying people in your life. You’ll see a letter for teachers, medical workers and new mamas. At our house, we are having Ev decorate them with handprints, paints and stickers, and sending off to his teachers (for teacher appreciation week) and family members of ours who are on medical staff. Note: for medical personnel, a number of hospitals are not accepting mail like this due to sanitization, but you can send them to personal friends, or snap photos of the artwork and send them to the hospital’s instagram account! That’s what we’re also doing!

I hope you enjoy reading, creating, and sharing these notes with others! Sending you lots of love and light. Big hugs.

*Be sure to select “fit to printable area” in your printer options!