To Loving Mondays

My parents have always told me Monday should be my favorite day of the week. Yes, Monday. I used to wonder if some office they once worked at offered donuts on Mondays.

Turns out, it wasn’t the donuts. Quite simply, they think loving Mondays is a sign you love your work. It’s a method I once used to confirm I didn’t love college calculus.

The point: You should love your job, or change it.

We all have hurdles to jump over— and the most successful people actually jump.

I understand it’s uneasy to think about leaving something that provides for you, perhaps your family, or that pet you treat like a child. Maybe you’re under contract. Student loans are waiting. Or you feel too old to change directions. I get it.

But you’ll continue to be mediocre in a career that lacks passion. Yes— that Maui vacation will always sound better. But work should be meaningful. It should be something you look forward to. It should make you love Mondays.

Please don’t confuse my plea with mere quitting. You shouldn’t leave your job to start making spa appointments or tee times. You’ll go broke.

Instead, take proactive steps to change your path if you don’t like its direction. Brainstorm. Take meetings. Research. And remember— too much routine has a way of clouding creativity.

We all have hurdles to jump over— and the most successful people actually jump. I’ll leave you with this quote from late writer Joseph Campbell:  “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.”

Oh, and treat yourself to that donut you’ve been eyeing since you started reading this post.