The Impossible Belongs on Your Dreams List

Photo by Annie Shak

It’s Tuesday — but it’s my “Monday” at work following a long weekend off. You know how I feel about Mondays, so it’s only appropriate to start the week off with a kick-butt mentality. Today’s inspiration is rooted in a quote by novelist Tom Robbins: “To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.”

My dad keeps a version of this quote pasted on all of his office phones. It’s a brilliant idea that encourages hard work and reminds us to dream big. Or, at the very least, reminds us to actually use a landline.

There is a disappointingly high number of people eager to say our dreams — whether family or work driven — are unrealistic. Perhaps they don’t always intend to, but a combination of experience, pessimism and bitterness can quickly turn into an hour-long “advice” session that ruins our ambition. Sometimes they’ll be right. But other times, they’ll be wrong. And that’s enough for me to keep dreaming.

Remember, all of our paths are unique. Each of us will experience vastly different ups and downs, even if we share the same career or family type.

Have the courage to set high expectations for yourself and the courage to work for those expectations. We’ll all be lucky and unlucky.

Be the one who dreams up the impossible and fights for the unthinkable. It’s the only way the impossible and the unthinkable can ever happen.

And regardless of what you achieve or don’t achieve in life, support the wildest dreams of others.