It Only Takes One to Place a Bet

It’s Monday! Happy start-of-the-week. I’m writing to you from my hometown in Michigan today. It feels like the arctic, but the snowfall is peaceful. Pictures to come later this week.

This follows a weekend spent in Missouri for a friend’s wedding. Missouri is a special spot for me, because it’s where I took my first anchoring gig post-college. I spent three years in Columbia— a relatively small college town sandwiched between St. Louis and Kansas City.

A former show advertisement from my first anchoring job

A former show advertisement from my first anchoring job

It will forever be my career’s “gambling point.” Meaning, it’s where someone in power took a gamble to essentially launch my career. Remember, you don’t need the world to believe in you right away. You just need one person. One person who has a little power, a little faith and the willingness to place a bet on you.

For me, it was the news director at a local news affiliate. I was 21-years-old when I first stepped into his office. There were a few others up for the same position. I knew they were more qualified at the time. In fact, the boss admitted I was initially third on his short-list. Third.

Still, he offered me the job. I had no reaction prepared— not even a Taylor Swift-like gasp ready to deliver. His answer for hiring his initial “number three” was simple: he believed in me. He had a “feeling” based on my interview, and was therefore willing to place his bet on the third-best candidate.

That “feeling” eventually led to award-winning work, which ultimately led to career jumps and new experiences. My point is: It’s all about that one person willing to take a chance. That— paired with a lot of hard work— often launches careers. I’ve said before, we’ve got to let go of needing to be everyone’s first pick. We’re not in the NBA draft.

We’ll all get our “gambling point.” Some of us will even get to place the bet. Which leads to my final thought— we should all be willing to place that bet on ourselves, too.