8 Things To Do Before 8 AM

Photo by Annie Shak

Mornings. Some days (like Saturdays + Sundays) I love them. Other days, I loathe them.

Biologically, I think God made me a night owl. But years of 1:00 AM wakeup calls during my time as a news anchor taught me it is possible to be absurdly happy by 5 AM.

Thank goodness I’m no longer rising in the middle of the night. However, I’ve gotten really good at turning off my morning blues. When I follow my own rules, I’m noticeably happier and more productive. Here are 8 things to do before 8 AM every day…


1. Hydrate: Kick things off with hot water + lemon. This will sooth your stomach, while serving as a daily detox. Follow it up with a cup of coffee [or tea]. A cup of caffeine a day keeps the crankiness at bay.

2. Meditate: Have you been doing the yoga poses I shared last month? Seriously, the moves work wonders for your mind + body. I’m also a big believer in stealing alone time each morning. Use it for prayer, meditation or journaling. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this part of my day is key.

3. Exercise: Yep. You’ve gotta do it. Get your bum out of bed and into action. Exercising early produces endorphins which keep you optimistic + clear-headed. Plus, it boosts your metabolism.

4. Eat Well: Just like your mama used to tell you as a kid — eat a hearty breakfast! My nutritionist swears by including both protein and fat in every meal. Try eggs + avocado!

5. Set Goals: Successful people are really good at manifestation. Create a goals list every morning and map out your day. Set priorities and deadlines for yourself, while allowing some wiggle room.

6. Avoid Email: I’m significantly more productive on days I avoid emails and social media first thing in the morning. If I break my own rule, I find myself  stressed and frazzled before I brush my teeth. Your mornings should be reserved for you — not for the hundreds of people living in your smartphone.

7. Be Affectionate: Spend at least 15 minutes each morning cozying up to the ones you love. Your significant other. Your kiddos. Your pup [or kitten, bird, hamster, fish, etc…]. Your pillow. Feeling a little love first thing in the morning will boost your mood + make you excited to start the day.

8. Have a Pep Talk: You know I’m a fan of self pep-talks all the time, and they’re especially important in the morning. Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re strong, talented, smart + irreplaceable. Convince yourself you can achieve anything. And most importantly, say I love you.