Life as a Wife: Aprons and Lingerie

Simone and Martin Photography

I’m a newlywed. A blissfully happy newlywed. Of course, I could ramble on about how spectacular my wedding day was. But first— let’s start with life as a wife.

To be honest, I have never dreamed of being a storybook wife. I used to think I’d be the last of my friends to marry. Turns out, I was one of the first.

Still, my cookbooks collect dust. The ironing board has never felt my fingers. I often get lost going to the grocery store (a sad, but true fact since I moved to LA). And, I don’t fantasize about the day I can stop working.

So, when I tied the knot in May, I admittedly felt a tinge of anxiety that I would never be domestic enough. What if I never learned to cook? Or iron? Or gained any sense of direction? What kind of wife would I be then?

Enter our honeymoon. As my husband and I sipped far too many mojitos in Maui, I opened up about these unexpected fears. His response: laughter. A few sarcastic comments later, he reassured me he didn’t marry me for dinner at 6 every night. Or neatly-pressed shirts in the closet. Or a freshly stocked pantry. After all, he wasn’t expecting a Martha-style miracle post-wedding.

The point is— great wives can come in varying forms. I may not make a killer casserole, but I can kick serious butt in the gym. I love my work. I’m not afraid of greeting him in lingerie. I leave love letters around the house and serve up Corona’s with limes on the rim. I fully endorse golf getaways and fishing trips.

So, my ladies, feel good about the wife you are, or the kind you’ll become someday. And men— whether your girl’s a kitchen junkie or a regular at Victoria’s Secret (or both— lucky you!) appreciate the individual she is.