Looking Back on 2014

Photo by Annie Shak

Happy last day of 2014! I hope you’re celebrating, whether it’s from your couch or a club.

This year gifted me a lot of new experiences, from moving into my first home as a wife, to hosting a wedding show, to jetting out to New York Fashion Week. My favorite part has been sharing it all with you. I’ve always been deeply private, but here, you make me feel eager to write.

Ahead of the new year, I wanted to reflect on 10 of my favorite posts from 2014. I hope you add these to your lyst of self-reminders…


1. We reminded each other life is worth swooning over…

2. The sappy romantic in me was giddy over sharing wedding photos.

3. I shared an honest letter with you, on why you should stop looking for your other half.

4. We reminded ourselves “forever is composed of nows.”

5. I encouraged you to be mindful and aware, especially of those who need your help and your heart.

6. The new year is another chance for you to begin again. To love harder and to work harder.

7. We proved white and gold create the most beautiful table setting, ever.

8. I pushed you to stop judging yourself, and to start loving yourself.

9. A holiday outfit proved it’s possible to feel glam and gorgeous in gold.

10. We recognized how capable and worthy we are of creating a life we’re passionate about.

… and most importantly, I became an obsessed dog mom. You’re welcome.


I can’t wait to continue celebrating all things chic and meaningful  in 2015… 


Graphic Design by Erik Shute