7 Reasons Mondays Don’t Suck

Photo by Annie Shak

Sometimes, Mondays are rough. The early morning. The long workday. The realization freedom is a full five days away. Mondays can cause some serious blues.

But you know what else Mondays can do? Caffeinate you. Detoxify you. Enlighten you. And make you feel like a normal, decent, purposeful human being who’s completely capable of being a responsible adult. Here are seven reasons Mondays don’t suck…


1. COFFEE. This is one day it’s completely acceptable [and normal] to have three cups of coffee before noon. Spike one, and you’ll really be loving Mondays.

2. NORMALCY. Your life is back to normal — whether that’s from a weekend of partying with your bestie who still thinks she’s a 21-year-old college junior, or chasing after children who party like they’re at Disneyland every Saturday. Either way, be grateful your life is detoxifying today.

3. TO-DO LISTS. I love to-do lists. You know why? Because they make me feel important and needed and successful. I bet Oprah kills the to-do list game. Make yours and tackle it like a #BOSS.

4. TELEVISION. We can all return to watching our favorite shows [like Bachelor in Paradise, obviously]. Haters, watch an episode. You’ll feel so darn good about how normal and drama-free your life is [and then you’ll tell your significant other how easy they have it]…

5. SOCIAL STALKING: You can go back to killing time at work by casually browsing stalking your eighth-grade locker buddy’s wedding. Or your old co-worker’s new boyfriend. Or some chick’s Instagram page you’ve never. even. met. 

6. SKINNY FOODS. It’s no longer the weekend, so your food baby should go away within the next 24 hours. Go back to your all-organic lifestyle [sans pizza + ranch], that results in good skin + tight abs.

7. WINE. Not to worry, you can buy organic wine. It is Monday, after all. Cheers.

Mug: Anthropologie [gold version hits shelves during the holidays] | Sweater: Similar here + here

Photos by Annie Shak