5 Ways to Channel More Happiness

Photo by Annie Shak

Ever wish you were someone else? Someone smarter, stronger, prettier or quirkier? Someone wealthier, sillier, wiser or more in love? I think we’ve all daydreamed over what it would be like to step inside another person’s life — if even only for a moment. We’re human, after all. 

Often times, I think we assume happiness is always someplace else. Within a better career, a bigger bank account, a beautiful home. Within a stronger relationship, a slimmer body, a longer vacation.

The grass is always greener, right? A friend recently said it best…

The grass is greenest where you water it the most. Shower your own life with the love it deserves, and you’ll never spend another day wishing for someone else’s.”

Indeed, shower your life with love [+ practice this lyst of 5 ways to channel more happiness]…


LOVE YOURSELF | Kicking out envy begins with loving yourself [immensely]. Love your choices, your attitude, your career, your body, your quirks and off-beat habits. Find confidence in knowing your purpose is so unique, so necessary, so needed in this world.

MAKE CHANGES | A happy life rests in a willingness to evolve. If I’m ever feeling unsettled, it’s often because I need to make a change — whether that be in my job, my relationship or my health. Don’t be afraid to change careers, to speak up to your partner, to start eating better. Change is growth.

TAKE CONTROL | We control how we react to a bad day, an insulting comment, a low bank account. We control how hard we work, how well we exercise, how much we give back. Take control of your good days, your bad days, and everyday in between.

SPRINKLE HAPPINESS | This I know is true. The happier we are for others, the happier we are with ourselves. Cheer on your colleagues, your competitors, even strangers. There’s room for all of us.

BE GRATEFUL | Gratefulness will attract happiness better than ice cream attracts a breakup. Write down what you’re grateful for — [and read that lyst over and over and over again]…

Photos by Annie Shak