Food Diary | Everything I Eat in a Day

Between running after the baby, endless meetings and making time family and friends, my life is always go go go – just the way I like it! So many of you have been asking about my diet in between all those busy moments. I don’t follow a classic diet – I find them so restrictive! I am a lover of french fries, wine and all those things that are traditional “no no” foods. It’s truly all about finding that balance that works best for YOU. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, in all aspects. Whether it be exercise, food or self care, I am a better mom/wife/parter when I take care of myself.

For me, it’s all about organic, real food, and real ingredients. Once I completely cut out soda and fast food from my diet I just felt so much better! Little changes like that can make such a difference. Now I don’t feel so bad about having a glass of red wine on a Friday night or a bite of my baby’s chocolate chip cookie! I listen to my body and my cravings – always follow your gut!

BREAKFAST | My morning routine always starts with COFFEE. Then I make my smoothie – I follow my bestie Kelly LeVeque’s recipe for the Fab Four Smoothie. This includes protein (protein powder) + fiber (chia seeds) + greens ( spinach) + fat (cashew butter). I also added some blueberries and almond milk for flavor. This smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse and will keep you full for hours.

MID MORNING SNACK | I love a spoonful of nut butter between morning meetings. Having something like a cracker will only fill you up temporarily. Nut butter is packed with healthy fats so you stay fuller longer. I love this raw cashew butter from Artisana Organics.

LUNCH | I almost always eat a salad with some kind of protein for lunch. This grilled chicken, avocado, and feta salad was delish and so healthy!

AFTERNOON SNACK | Lets be real, you know I snack on my baby’s food! This mac and cheese was split between baby, momma and puppy.

DINNER | Grilled burgers with a gluten free bun and a side salad. I always choose grass fed organic beef. Not pictured – the glasses of rosé Jake and I had at the end of the day!