Body After Baby | My Wellness Routine

Having a baby requires serious superhero status. Our bodies are INCREDIBLE in how they can stretch and grow and (eventually) morph back into a new normal. I am constantly in awe of how my body served as my baby’s first home.

So many of you wrote me over the last several months to ask about my wellness routine post-baby. I am sorry this has taken WAY TOO LONG. My only excuse is… (my baby). Every time I’d start to work on editing this video I would get distracted. Hence, why you’ll notice it’s summertime when I initially filmed this.

I plan on continuing to share the nitty gritty details on my wellness routine in the coming month, as I really get back into a solid groove. But the truth is, even five months in, I really haven’t been ‘ready’ to jump back into my normal workouts or eating habits. My body needs time. I’m tired, and hungry, and still indulging in all those sweet baby moments.

TIME is what I hope all of you new mamas will give yourselves. We’re all built differently, recover differently, and eat differently. We have different lifestyles, different schedules — and quite frankly — different genes. What works for one mama might not work for the next. But I wanted to share how I’ve been easing back into things since having little Ev.

I’ll say, I think what really helped my strength post-pregnancy is the fact that I was super disciplined in my wellness routine before and during pregnancy. My body knows how it used to be, and so I can feel my body fighting to return to itself.

Watch the video below…

NURSING MAMAS!! Intense cardio can significantly impact your milk supply. I experienced this first-hand after a long run a few months after having Evan. Listen to your body, and test things by running shorter distances first to see how your body reacts.

Video by Tim & Co.