Lucky Locks: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

Ladies, your Monday beauty routine is about to get a boost. I’m sharing my favorite DIY leave-in hair conditioner. This conditioning spray is quick to make with a few at-home ingredients, and it creates super soft ends. Plus, everything in it is au natural, which means I’ve been using it throughout my pregnancy.

One thing I’ve struggled with is finding products I love, while ensuring they’re not packed full of chemicals. Hair conditioning spray is one product I decided to make myself.

Give your locks a lucky Monday and make your own conditioning spray this week.

INGREDIENTS | 1/4 c melted coconut oil | 1 tbsp jojoba oil | 1 tbsp argan oil | squeeze of fresh lemon juice | 1/4 c coconut milk | spray bottle |

Click HERE for how to make your own texturizing hair spray

Video by Tim + Co. | Photos by Annie Shak